"We do what we do to live the lifestyle we love."

" Our culture is really amazing! We work hard but we play hard...and we love to play!"


           Sydney Olson

           Austin, TX

Our Mission


Our mission is

To GROW to the top sales organization in Family Heritage;

To DEVELOP winning-edge characteristics in our sales professionals;

To CREATE personal wealth over time through a successful career;

And to PROTECT families financially in the event of cancer, heart attack, stroke, accident, or illness through the BEST supplemental policies market wide.

Our culture IS exploring the world

John Southerland, Owner

CiCi Frye

Mike Bahara

What's it like working at Prestige Financial Group?

Best Opportunity in America

Do you desire to get paid what you're worth?

Are you tired of working harder than the guy or girl next to you and getting paid less?

We work with driven individuals that are dedicated to their career, not just another job. We are made up of individuals that are self motivated and who have a desire to win. Our most successful agents are those who remain coachable and teachable. Many of our agents didn't have a background in sales before partnering with our firm. Our culture thrives on one-on-one training through mentorship, a proven sales system, a variety of selling tools and markets, and access to the most successful agents in the business that provide incredible leadership. The CULTURE is what really sets us apart from the rest...everything from philanthropy to international travel, we operate as a family!

What does it take to be successful?


Our 4 Core Values

#1-Work Hard

Our culture is one that exist without micro-management. We expect our agents to work hard...and that means work hard when no one is looking. We have so much flexibility in our career, yet it has to be handled responsibly. We believe in leading a balancing lifestyle.

#2-Study Hard

Become a student of the game! If you want to get paid like a professional you must ACT like a professional. We expect our agents to know their products inside and out; to know their prospects and why they need our products; and to know how to act like a professional. We encourage reading books or listening to audio material to help you become a master at your craft. Being 100% engaged is how you take your business to the next level.

#3- Be Coachable

We take pride in the fact that we have a duplicatable system that works! Agents who follow our system - regardless of their background or experience - are guaranteed to have success with our brokerage. Our marketing systems have stood the test of time and are proven to work for anyone. This is why we've grown in revenue over the last 3 decades dating back to 1989. We follow a 4 out of 5 principle that guides our agents to a quick start and sustainable selling career. 


#4- Do What You Said You Would Do

Following through on a commitment is the critical element that helps in anyone's success. We will do EVERYTHING we say we will do on our end...as long as agents continue to work hard, study hard, and be coachable, the sky++ is the limit. We value partnering with those who posses one of our core values: INTEGRITY. Will you do what you said you would do when no one is looking? When it gets tough? When it gets easy? When you have more than enough? There comes a point in an agents career when its's not about the money; stick around in this industry long enough and the money will come. Its about integrity: doing what you've committed to your leadership, to your family, and to yourself unconditionally is what make the great agents great. Here, EVERYONE has that opportunity.

What will you do with yours?

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